About LieVis

This collection of visualisations is a work-in-progress on making concepts from representation theory more visible and understandable. It is my hope that this will be a valuable teaching and learning aid, as well as spark new ideas for other pictures/drawings/etc that could be done. Being able to play with so much data interactively may even lead to novel new observations, or old observations which are hard to come by.

I think that interactivity is one of the best ways of building intuition about a problem or a mathematical concept. For example, being able to tweak parameters in a graph and see how the graph changes in real time is a fantastic way of building a mental model about how a class of graphs looks. However, this kind of interactivity has been lacking for other mathematical concepts such as representation theory – most of the software tools I know of have a very long feedback loop involving typing a question into a console, and even after that the user has to take a lot of steps to render that answer in any visual way.

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